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Saying goodbye to winter at Thanet Parkway

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Thankfully this week the weather has taken a turn for the better and the flooding on site has started to abate.

To the left a group of archaeologists in PPE trowel the site to find features. To the right the ground is flooded. In the background the machines are working at moving spoil.
The water is subsiding, now the clean-up begins!

Once the flood has gone we have to spend time trowelling to find the features buried beneath the silt. In the above picture you can see the difference in the trowelled area (to the left). We know there are features under the silt - and under the water still - including more structures and a possible trackway.

A rubber duck in a Roman legionary outfit sits on top of flooded features
Fingers crossed for more sunny days!

Thanet Parkway is to be a new railway station on the Ashford International-Ramsgate line. Details on the proposed station can be found on the Kent County Council website here. The archaeological work at Thanet Parkway is being managed by the WSP Cultural Heritage and Archaeology team. If you would like to ask a question about the excavation please email us using the contact form on our main page or by leaving a comment here. Questions about the station and project can be raised with KCC from their website here.

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