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Trainee programme

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How the trust supports trainees


CAT’s training programme for Trainee Archaeologists has been running for just over two years. During this time, fourteen young people, with various levels of previous archaeological knowledge but consistent in their enthusiasm and desire to learn, have been successfully trained to the level of Field Archaeologist. The majority are still with us and collectively they now form an important and dynamic component of CAT’s professional excavation team. 

What will I receive at the end of the training?

Our training programme has been assessed and approved by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, which means on completion the successful trainees are at the industry-recognised level of Practitioner (PCIfA).

How long is the training and what does it include?

The training lasts for twelve weeks and includes a mix of formal instruction and practical experience, primarily delivered on-site by Senior Archaeologists and Project Officers. This unique opportunity to learn from experienced CAT staff on real commercial sites is central to our training concept, having been designed to best prepare these new employees for the challenges of modern commercial archaeology.

What skills will I gain?

Professional archaeologists need to have the skills and knowledge to interpret, excavate and evaluate remains against the often dynamic background of a modern commercial development. Fortunately for CAT, our existing teams have the ability to do this and, of vital importance for the long-term future of the organisation, the experience and willingness to pass their knowledge on to the next generation.

Read all about our successful trainees

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