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Canterbury Archaeological Trust has been dedicated to public engagement and education for over 40 years. We offer a range of services to support learning across any age group, in any setting, including workshops, events, classroom based activities, careers fairs, and teacher support. 

Contact us or further information or to discuss your individual requirements. 

Learning about archaeology

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Services offered

The Trust offers a range of services for public engagement and education. Follow the links for further information and pricing. 

CAT Kits
School visits
CAT KITS and Boxes

The Trust offers a range of loan boxes that can be borrowed to support learning in a variety of environments. 

Our CAT Kits are full of fragments of real archaeological finds from multiple periods, and our CAT Boxes are a mix of real and replica finds.

Follow the links for further information and pricing.

Teacher Support
School visits 

C·A·T offer in-school visits in either one class or multi-class bookings. The sessions will be tailored to your individual needs but can include:

- what archaeology is 

- archaeology as a source of evidence

- local history in relation to your topic

- period specific sessions

- 'ask an archaeologist' sessions

- art workshops

Prices vary depending on workshop and number of classes booked (including mileage and VAT where appropriate).

Zoom sessions

During the pandemic we have trialled zoom sessions with schools. Whilst we would not be able to offer all of the in school workshops as a zoom session, we have been keen to explore ways in which we can support learning digitally. 


Contact us for further information. 

Teacher support 

We are able to help teachers with any questions they may have on history or archaeology, whether it relates to local finds, period specific enquiries, or how archaeology can be used to enhance teaching in schools. 

We occasionally run CPD events for teachers, details of which will be advertised in our archaeology courses section.  

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Careers fairs
Careers fairs and individual career advice 

C·A·T have participated in careers fair across East Kent for many years giving help and advice to young people thinking of a career in the heritage sector. Whilst there is no charge for this we are unable to fulfil every request we receive, although we do try to accommodate as many requests as possible. 

We are happy to give advice on careers in archaeology or the wider heritage sector. Contact us for further information. 

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