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Teaching and learning resources


The Trust has developed and created many resources over the years relating to history and archaeology. Below are some of these, plus recommendations for resources from other agencies. 

Resource List

Our resources are free to use and you are welcome to adapt to suit your circumstances. External resources are not managed by C·A·T and are recommendations only. This list is not exhaustive, please do check in with other museums and institutions!


Palaeolithic [C·A·T pdf] 

Mesolithic [C·A·T pdf] 

Neolithic [C·A·T pdf] 

Stone Age for KS2 [EXTERNAL - Canterbury Christ Church University resource] 

Bronze Age Boat [C·A·T resource]

Bronze Age [C·A·T pdf] 

Iron Age [C·A·T pdf]


Investigating Folkestone's East Cliff [C·A·T resource]

Roman and Anglo-Saxon Canterbury [C·A·T resource]

The sword burials [C·A·T resource]

Anglo-Saxon and Viking 

An Anglo-Saxon mystery [C·A·T resource]

Living in Anglo-Saxon Lyminge [C·A·T resource]

Jorvik Viking Museum [EXTERNAL resource] 


A murky Medieval mystery [C·A·T pdf] 
The Medieval period [C·A·T pdf] 

The Becket Story [EXTERNAL] Resources on the story of Thomas Becket and Medieval pilgrimage 


Reconstructing a Tudor city [C·A·T pdf] 


Investigating the impact of World War I [C·A·T/KAS resource] KS3 resource 

Local history project 

Investigating the history of Kent [C·A·T/KAS resource] KS3 resource

Explore your neighbourhood [EXTERNAL] An excellent resource for conducting your own neighbourhood research project 

Archaeology and archaeological skills 

Dig School [EXTERNAL] KS3+ online short course introducing archaeology to young people (highly recommended for young people who are very keen on archaeology!)

Young Archaeologists Club [EXTERNAL] Activities and ideas for archaeological activities 

Museums with learning resources 

The British Museum [EXTERNAL] Activities for all key stages

Museum of London [EXTERNAL] Covers KS1-3, including an excellent Great Fire of London game! 

Maidstone Museum [EXTERNAL] Crafting ideas and activities inspired by their collection (includes dinosaurs!) 

Miscellaneous resources 

Discoveries at the Whitefriars Shopping Centre, Canterbury (THE BIG DIG) [pdf] 

Cookit! [EXTERNAL] Historical recipes through time

English Heritage [EXTERNAL] Multi-period learning resources and activities

BBC History [EXTERNAL] Activities for all age groups

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