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Roman and Anglo-Saxon
Canterbury Reconstructed

Roman and Anglo-Saxon Canterbury Reconstructed
Teacher’s Resource Pack

No longer available in hard copy.

A versatile teaching resource


The quality of information and illustrations makes this a resource which can support a wide range of teaching programmes: The National Curriculum in Primary and Secondary Schools, GCSE and A Level in both History and Archaeology and, beyond formal education, courses in Lifelong Learning.

A source of specialist knowledge


The pack draws on a wealth of primary evidence. Develop your personal knowledge with confidence, learning from the archaeologists who have analysed and interpreted evidence from numerous excavations. A bibliography is included for all references used in writing the pack.

Materials included


Two quality coloured reconstruction prints of the centre of Canterbury in Roman and Anglo-Saxon times for work with individuals, groups or classes (1 of each period, A4, laminated). These form the focus for the pack and the Notes. Click on these images for enlarged pictures. 

Background Notes which set the scene in pre-Roman times, trace the growth of the Roman town to its eventual decline, portray the dramatic contrasts of an Anglo-Saxon settlement of the 6th and 7th centuries and finish with a summary of developments up to the Norman Conquest.


Ideas for ways to use the Reconstructions in a teaching environment and in tandem with other resources. Stimulating images for Literacy Hour!


A set of 15 black and white figures which supplement the reconstruction drawings and illustrate further aspects of Roman and Anglo-Saxon societies.

This resource has been supported by Kent Archaeological Society, Kent County Council Education and Libraries, Roman Research Trust and Friends of Canterbury Archaeological Trust. Each chapter is now available to download. 

Roman and Anglo-Saxon Canterbury Reconstructed

How we have gathered the evidence

Setting the scene

Main features of the Roman town: Public buildings

Other features: Houses, streets, walls, gates and cemeteries

The end of Roman Britain

What happened at Canterbury?

Canterbury in the 5th and 6th centuries

Sources of evidence for the Anglo-Saxons

Augustine and the revival of Christianity

Origins of St Martin’s Church: Different types of evidence

Expansion of the Church: A building programme begins

Re-settlement in the old Roman town

Anglo-Saxon homes and workshops

Anglo-Saxon crafts and technology

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