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Investigating the impact of
World War l on your locality

(Key Stage 3)


A teaching and learning resource for schools 

These resources were produced by Year 9 students and staff at St John’s RC Comprehensive School, Gravesend.  As a starting point, students used the names on their local war memorial, carrying out research to produce biographies of soldiers from the local area. With the help of local historians and surviving family members they used a variety of sources during their investigations including local newspapers, census returns and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. Also part of the project was a group visit to Cambrai. The teachers  said that the project forged powerful links between the students and the young men they investigated, not much older than they are, who volunteered to serve their King and Country one hundred years ago. 


Biographies were part of the student research. This is the front cover of a commemorative booklet produced by students at St John’s Catholic School. 

The Resources

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