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Roman Statue of Triton: An amazing discovery

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

We are thrilled to share details of an exciting archaeological discovery near Teynham, Kent, as part of the joint housing development project being delivery by Chartway Partnerships Group and Moat Homes. Ancient Roman artefacts, including a well-preserved mausoleum and a captivating stone statue, have been uncovered during archaeological excavations.

Roman statue of Triton

The discovery, led by Canterbury Archaeological Trust, sheds light on the area's rich Roman heritage, and we are committed to preserving and celebrating this historical treasure. Plans are underway with various stakeholders and the local community, including RPS Group, CAT, and KCC Heritage Conservation, to ensure the preservation of these findings for future generations.

Head to to read more about these fascinating artefacts on our dedicated page.

We’re looking forward to creating plans to commemorate the discovery, celebrate the rich local heritage and create a lasting legacy for Teynham.

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