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Give the gift of 'An Historic Map of Canterbury' this Christmas for only £9.99!

Whether you’re in Canterbury as a day-tripper, or for the Christmas weekend, we have the perfect accompaniment for a post-Christmas dinner walk around the city, bringing a whole new perspective to the history of Canterbury. This publication is a must to anyone who wants to understand the development of the city, from Roman times to 1907.

Walk the roads and streets of the once flourishing Roman town, explore the medieval public buildings (pubs too!) and sample today’s local beers and food from the artisan makers, just as visitors have done for 2000 years!

You can imagine the bustle of the past, as you move from site to site, exploring Canterbury’s rich cultural heritage, including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval origins of the city, where the pilgrims stayed, where Anne of Cleve’s apartment was, how the weavers wove their way into Canterbury’s past, how sustainable energy was harnessed at Barton Mills, or how the nineteenth-century art scene developed with the painter, Sidney Cooper… this map is for you!

The full colour, fold out map, shows Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval past streets, buildings and other features and incorporates the latest archaeological information from Canterbury Archaeological Trust.

An Historic Map of Canterbury is available from bookshops and online outlets for only £9.99.

ISBN: 9780993469886

Publisher: The Historic Towns Trust

In partnership with Canterbury Archaeological Trust and Canterbury Christ Church University.

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