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Classics & Archaeology lectures at the University of Kent

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

23/01 Archaeological Fieldwork Evening. Come and hear about archaeology fieldwork at Kent.  Dreams of summer. Dig reports with a free drink. The first event of term.

(17:00-19:00) Grimond Lecture Theatre 2

06/02 Professor Edith Hall (KCL) Why are Women Novelists Rewriting Homer Today? (17:00-18:00) Grimond Lecture Theatre 2

20/02 Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (Cambridge) The Changing Face of Pompeii and Herculaneum. (17:00-18:00) Grimond Lecture Theatre 2

13/03 Professor David Mattingly (Leicester) Beyond the Roman Frontier: The Wadi Draa Project. (17:30-18:30) Grimond Lecture Theatre 1 (The Peter Sadler Archaeology Lecture).

20/03 Professor Peter Heather (KCL) Why did the Western Empire Unravel? (17:00-18:00) Grimond Lecture Theatre 2

03/04 University of Kent Classics Day … with Greek Play. (13.00-21.30) Templeman Library Lecture Theatre / Gulbenkian Theatre

Kent Classics Day 3rd April 2019 Student PhD Work / Staff Lectures / Greek Play (Lysistrata)

(13.00 -15.30) Work in Progress: PhD Research in Classics & Archaeology Giulia Frigerio, A Cognitive Approach to Divination Procedures at the Oracle of Delphi. Felicia Fricke; Enslavement in Curacao: Osteological, Archaeological, and Oral Historical Perspectives. Phil Smither, Reassessing Richborough: New Interpretation of Old Excavation (1922-1938). Sophie Chavarria, Memoria and Women in Mid-Republican Rome. Karl Goodwin, Regaining the Displaced: Narratives in Roman Displays.

(16.00-18.00) Classics Research Lectures Dr Matthijs Wibier, Roman Law and the Question of Legal Pluralism in Late Antique Papyri. Dr Laura Nissin, Making Sense(s) of Roman Neighbourhoods. Dr Jo Stoner, Private Letters as Personal Possessions in Roman Egypt. Dr Rosie Wyles, Greek Comedy in Context.

(18:00-19:00) Reception (19.30-21.30) Greek Play Aristophanes Lysistrata

Lectures and Reception: Templeman Library Lecture Theatre / Play: Gulbenkian Theatre

All lectures will be held on the University of Kent Campus, Canterbury.

Lectures: Entrance Free. All Welcome. Greek Play: Tickets available via the Gulbenkian website soon

Classics & Archaeology public lectures, Spring term 2019

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