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Bringing order to CAT’s paperwork archive

After finishing an extensive project on the Finds Archive, work has continued on the paperwork archive – nearly fifty years of CAT sites!

The material currently held at Wincheap is now fully labelled, recorded and reorganised to be completely searchable for anyone carrying out research into the sites that CAT has worked on, from 1975 to the current day. From small evaluations in small, neat folders to nearly a hundred files from long-running urban excavations, the files should be easy to find and clearly labelled to modern standards. The list was added to the server and the folders will be moved, in order, into the main archive room in September.

Our most recent student placement, Grace Conium – currently studying for her PhD at CCCU, worked in partnership with Canterbury Museum to produce a list of material currently present on the museum side of the building. The list is available on the server (MAGS_Arch_Location) and it shows the sites currently with the museum as well as the sites that are split between our archive and the museum archive, all searchable by site code, archive number, type of finds, number of boxes and location. Moreover, Grace managed to finish a job I started too long ago, to list Trevor Anderson’s human bone paper archive! This will help us identify some of the human remains in the archive, produce the background information of the excavation in order to provide access and clear context details for upcoming research projects.

A comprehensive list of human bone collection curated by the Trust is currently in progress. Our next project, with the help of UKC students, will be to correlate the information from Trevor’s paper archive with the human remains on the shelves. The ‘Paper archive’ folder containing all the lists is now available on the server under ‘Finds and Archive Management’, any questions or feedback are more than welcome.

Adelina Teoaca

Rosalind Mocroft

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