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Characterful carvings at Canterbury Cathedral

Today’s #FindsFriday might just sum up how you feel at the end of the week! Take a look at these fantastic images of carved figureheads at Canterbury Cathedral, that are rarely seen from ground level. Take a moment to read about why building recording is so vitally important.

FIGUREHEADS AT THE NORTH-WEST TOWER, CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL The main focus of the CAT’s building recording of Canterbury Cathedral concerns the surviving ancient medieval work, however, identifying and understanding the numerous later episodes of repair and replacement that have occurred also forms part of the brief, as over time their historic interest and significance increases. Canterbury Archaeological Trust’s ongoing recording of the cathedral fabric presently concerns the Victorian north-west tower. The last major restoration of this tower occurred in the 1970s and 1980s, when the pinnacles that surmount its buttresses were rebuilt with Lepine stone. A new campaign of restoration is now underway and with the tower scaffolded once again, its fabric can be observed at close quarters. Within the numerous photographs of the masonry that CAT has recently taken, the, albeit relatively modern figureheads that enrich the pinnacles, are difficult to ignore.

For more information on building heritage service go to Built heritage | Canterbury Archaeological Trust (

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