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Bryan Hawkins

Gallery - Ghosts

East Wear Bay 

On-site drawings

These drawings have been 'worked up' (developed) from sketchbook drawings,  photographs and conversations with CAT staff volunteers and archaeology students involved in the East Wear Bay Dig this summer. They are an attempt to reflect and illustrate the skill, focus, dedication and passion of those involved in the dig. They are also an attempt  to 'image'  the experiences of those involved in the emergence of new evidence and discoveries and the new speculations, imaginings and insights circulating around the excavation, this extraordinary site and its amazing history and revelations.

The Ghost of Other Things 

Exhibition: Rochester Art Gallery

The exhibition presented an array of paintings, drawings and sculpture displayed alongside finds, photographs, antiquarian prints, postcards and maps that revealed myths and some of the many ‘ghosts’ that haunt Rochester and its environs.

Rochester Art Gallery and Canterbury Archaeological Trust, working in collaboration with Medway Council.

Finding Eanswythe Exhibition 


Exhibition: Sassoon Gallery Folkestone

The work of the exhibition explores the history, myth, stories and narratives of an important and fascinating Anglo-Saxon saint. 

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