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Well done Peter!

Deputy Director Peter Clark gave an excellent presentation at the University of Kent, Canterbury, last night on the Dover Bronze Age Boat reconstruction project – Boat 1550 BC. If all goes well – and the money comes through – then later this year work will start on the 1.9m Euro international project, led by Canterbury Archaeological Trust and the University of Lille 3.

Pete, and all of us at the Trust, can’t wait to get stuck in. It’s going to be a fantastic project and will advance our knowledge of Bronze Age society, technology and maritime contact in the Transmanche region.

If you haven’t seen the boat then make an effort to get down to Dover museum, it really is a spectacular sight. If such a visit isn’t an option then don’t miss the coming week’s episode of the BBC 2 series ‘A History of Ancient Britain’, broadcast on Wednesday at 9.00 pm.
Dover Bronze Age boat

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