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Kon’nichiwa to archaeologists from Japan

Katsuyuki Okamura (Archaeologist with Osaka City Cultural Properties Association) and Yoshio Negita (Chief Archaeologist with the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Tokyo) met up with Marion at CAT to discuss what we do to promote Archaeology in formal and public education arenas.

They were both very keen on the CAT KIT and using archaeological finds in this way and many photos were taken. It was a great opportunity again to spread the word about CAT’s work and educational activities. Katsuyuki said, ‘We have learned a lot about how we should manage archaeology and present it to the public… It encourages me to learn more about ‘Archaeology and Education’ ’.

In exchange for our hospitality I was given a Japanese tea ceremony cloth and a bamboo fan – and I’m now known by these colleagues as Marion-san. I like it!
Japanese archaeologists at the Trust's office

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