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Visit from Estonia

CAT has been visited by an Estonian teacher keen to see to what extent and how we use Archaeology in our English school curriculum.  Liia Vijand teaches History in a secondary school in a small town in southern Estonia and is currently undertaking PhD research in the value of increasing engagement in Archaeology at both primary and secondary levels.

Liia spent a few days in south-east England seeing sites, finding out about the CAT Education Service and talking to others in the field. She was very enthused by our CAT KITs and web materials and we spent a lot of time discussing the many benefits of hands-on learning and using real archaeological material with young people of differing ability.

She later emailed saying, ‘I really enjoyed time in the south… I am very happy that I met all those wonderful people and saw amazing nature, heritage sites, one of the best trips I’ve done. And I got ideas and feeling that I am not alone! Thank you for that!’

Sounds pretty good to me and I hope that Liia will keep us updated with her research when she is back in Estonia.  It would be great to hear of kits being used out there!

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