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Theft and vandalism

Sadly we have to report a series of break-ins and thefts from our main archive at Kingsmead in Canterbury. Apart from causing considerable damage and chaos, the thieves took over 850 Anglo-Saxon glass beads, large quantities of coins and metal artefacts, and an assortment of bone objects. They ransacked our educational loans collection, disturbing 90% of the 200 loan boxes, and stealing replica metal axes, pins, coins and other items, including a plaster bust of Queen Victoria – not valuable, but very identifiable. They also stole tools and equipment. Please spread the word, and look out for any of these items being offered for sale. Andrew Richardson will be happy to hear from anyone with any information.
Burglary_storeBurglary_Anglo_Saxon_bead Burglary_Anglo_Saxon_beads
Ransacked Education Store Replica Bronze Age axe Replica Roman glass flagon
Since news of the thefts hit the media last week we have been overwhelmed with messages of support. One supporter has set up a fundraising page to help to at least replace some of the tools lost in the raid. We are very grateful to her and, of course, to all those who have donated so far. Thank you.

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