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Roman Lympne

Studfall Castle
Dr Steven Willis from the University of Kent is the next guest speaker in the Friends’ lecture series. He is going to talk on ‘Roman Lympne: context, new research and questions’.

Short lived, fragmented, robbed, descending a now undulating slope and on private land, the late Roman shore fort at Lympne is not easily visited nor are its remains readily comprehensible. Yet this remains an intriguing site. Often named ‘Stutfall Castle’ it has attracted the attention and research interest of some of the leading figures of their day in archaeology. We now have a clearer idea of the date and purpose of the fort but important questions as to the wider context and the broader chronology of the site remain. New discoveries and study have revealed significant details as to its character and ways of viewing it in the twenty-first century.

Thursday 31 January, 7 pm, Newton NG07, at Canterbury Christ Church University, North Holmes Road campus.

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