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Float the Boat!

Our Kickstarter project, designed to raise funds to take the replica of the Dover Bronze Age Boat to sea, has been launched! We need to achieve a minimum of £20,000 within 30 days! Kickstarter allows you to pledge money towards this total, in return for which you will receive a reward, depending on the level of your pledge.
The Dover Bronze Age Boat: excavationThe Dover Bronze Age Boat: displayThe Dover Bronze Age Boat: replica
In order to pledge, you will have to create a Kickstarter account, which takes only a few moments. Once that is done, and once the project is launched, you will be able to back the project at your chosen level. We will only be able to actually draw down your pledged funds if we are successful (that is, pledges reach £20,000 or more). In this case the funds would be claimed within 14 days after the 30 day Kickstarter project closes.

We hope that you will be able to back the project and please do tell as many people about it as possible! Go to:
and help us float the boat!
Dover Boat Kickstarter Project

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