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Great River Race

After the thrill of completing London’s River Marathon last year, a crew is all set to make a second attempt on Sunday. Will they retain The Scarborough Trophy for Sporting Endeavour ?
Approaching Tower BridgeThrough DocklandsTowards Houses of Parliament
The race starts at Millwall Slipway at 10.45 am, with the first boats reaching Tower Bridge around 11.15. The following bridge timings are approximate. Millennium Bridge 11.20; Westminster Bridge 11.30; Lambeth Bridge 11.35; Battersea Bridge 11.50; Wandsworth Bridge 12.00; Putney Bridge 12.05; Hammersmith Bridge 12.20; Chiswick Pier 12.50; Kew Bridge 13.05; Richmond Bridge 13.35. Finish at Ham Riverside below Ham House, Richmond from 13.45.

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