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Folkestone to Dover in 1 hour 50 mins

Sunday 7th September, a beautiful late summer’s day and the crew sets off to paddle from Folkestone to Dover at last (the planned first attempt last month having been cancelled due to stormy weather).  But the extra weekends spent rowing in the interim meant that the crew (Terry, Peter, Ross, Hazel, Jess, Anne, Thierry, Paul B, Paul A and Andrew) was better prepared for the challenge and the voyage was completed in 1 hour and 50 minutes – harbour mouth to harbour mouth!
Folkestone to Dover sea voyageFolkestone to Dover sea voyageFolkestone to Dover sea voyage
The voyage was filmed by Meridian and featured on the evening news. Then later the boat featured in a Time Team special on Channel 4. A big weekend for the Bronze Age boat!

Bring on the Great River Race on September 27th!

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