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Digging at Kearsney Abbey – this weekend!

From the 5th to 7th June Canterbury Archaeological Trust along with the Dover Archaeological Group and Folkestone Archaeological Group will be carrying out a small archaeological dig in the car park of Kearsney Abbey to help uncover the hidden heritage of the parks.

The current cafe is all that remains of a large country house that used to be the focal point of Kearsney Abbey and the current parkland formed the private garden for the house. Most of the house was demolished in the 1950s and although there are a few pictures, as yet no plans or details about the inside are known.

The archaeological dig should provide an insight into the internal layout and will help to inform plans for a new extension to the cafe.

Preparatory work will begin on Friday 5th June and the archaeological work will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

For more details about the park and the Abbey, visit the Kearsney Parks website.

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