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Didn’t we do well?

from Los Angeles in the USA:

“Your web site … is one of the most helpful sites on archaeology for students we have seen”

Marian McKenna Olivas, Program Manager, National Center for History in the Schools, University of California, Los Angeles

and from Alabama:

“ … this volume is truly an exceptional work”

Professor Ian W Brown, University of Alabama, reviewing this summer’s publication, Buckland Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, Dover

from Japan:

 “We have learned a lot about how we should manage Archaeology and present it to the public … It encourages me to learn more about ‘Archaeology and Education”

Katsuyuki Okamura, Archaeologist with Osaka City Cultural Properties Association and Yoshio Negita, Chief Archaeologist with the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Tokyo, following an information visit to the Trust offices in August.

from Estonia:

 “I am very happy that I met all those wonderful people and saw amazing nature, heritage sites, one of the best trips I’ve done. And I got ideas and feeling that I am not alone! Thank you for that!”

Liia Vijand, Estonian secondary school History teacher undertaking PhD research in the value of increasing engagement in Archaeology at both primary and secondary level education. She visited us in July during an information gathering tour of English organizations involved with Archaeology in Education.

and closer to home:

“Our Ofsted report says ‘Pupils told inspectors that they particularly enjoyed information books which helped them to research themes and topics of interest. This was clearly demonstrated in one class where pupils used information they had acquired in previous lessons to distinguish between Roman and Celtic artefacts.’  It was using the CAT boxes that made all the difference…it also tied in with our literacy.  Ofsted said the lesson was outstanding – so I was very pleased!”

James Blomfield, class teacher at Capel-le-Ferne Primary School.  Children from the school visited the Folkestone Roman villa first season of excavation and later on made good use of the Archaeological Resource Kits available to local schools as part of the A Town Unearthed community project.

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