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Canterbury Festival Walks

The Festival programme is out and nestled on pages 43 to 45 you’ll find details of twenty fascinating Festival Walks. The Friends are the main providers of the walks, running t wo-thirds of those on offer. Once again, the list includes a ‘virtual walk’ for those of limited mobility.  If you haven’t yet obtained a programme, here are details of the walks. A word of warning: many of the walks sell out very quickly and tickets MUST BE BOUGHT IN ADVANCE from the Festival Office in Orange Street.

Saturday 19 October: 2 pm
The Village of Bridge. Pauline Pritchard
Roman soldiers, Canterbury pilgrims, race-course visitors, stage-coach travellers – the ancient Watling Street brought them all through Bridge.

Sunday 20 October: 2 pm
NEW! An Armchair Tour of Historic Tankerton and Whitstable. David Birmingham
A virtual excursion, enabling those of limited mobility (and others) to see images of places they can’t reach. Wheelchair accessible.

Monday 21 October: 10 am
Explore St Dunstans! Peter Berg
The final steps of the Pilgrim Way, an ancient church, site of the world’s first passenger railway – and much more.

Monday 21 October: 2 pm
NEW! A Day in the Life of a Monk. Geoff Downer
An introduction to medieval monastic life in the Benedictine Priory of Canterbury.

Tuesday 22 October: 10 am
The Roof Lines of Canterbury. Hubert Pragnell
What’s above the shops? An invitation to look up at the varied rooflines, facades, and brickwork of  Canterbury buildings.

Tuesday 22 October: 2 pm
Exploring King’s School. Peter Henderson
Find out about the history and buildings of the King’s School on a walk round the Cathedral Precincts.

Wednesday 23 October: 10 am
Canterbury’s Medieval Friaries. Sheila Sweetinburgh
Canterbury was home to three orders of friars, but little now remains. We will explore where they lived.

Weds. 23 October: 2 pm
NEW! The Old Dover Road and the Cricket Ground. Michael Steed
Discover Roman Watling Street, Jerusalem millwrights, the Holy Maid of Kent, medieval leprosy, Kent’s cricket history and much more.

Thursday 24 October: 10 am
NEW! Women of Canterbury. Doreen Rosman
From Queen Bertha to Catherine Williamson, Canterbury’s first female mayor: see places associated with famous, infamous, and forgotten local women.

Thursday 24 October: 2 pm
The Stones of Reculver. Geoff Downer
Learn about the history, construction, and building materials of the Roman fort and medieval church – and see a dinosaur’s footprint.

Friday 25 October: 10 am
A Walk in and about St Augustine’s College. Peter Henderson
A tour of the buildings of the former St Augustine’s College, now part of the King’s School.

Friday 25 October: 2 pm
Canterbury’s Medieval Hospitals. Sheila Sweetinburgh
Some ancient almshouses still fulfil the functions envisaged by their medieval founders: an opportunity to visit and learn about them.

Sunday 27 October: 2 pm
Victorian City: splendour and squalor. Doreen Rosman
Pigs in backyards, sewage in the Stour, elegant shops and grandiose banks: find out about life in Victorian Canterbury.

Monday 28 October: 10 am
NEW! A Walk around Jewish Canterbury. Kerstin Müller
Explore the lives of Canterbury’s medieval Jews. See where their eighteenth- and nineteenth-century successors worked, worshipped, and were buried.

Monday 28 October: 2 pm
A Literary Tour of the King’s School. Peter Henderson
An opportunity to see the Maugham Library and Hugh Walpole’s outstanding collection of English literary manuscripts.

Tuesday 29 October: 10 am
Frontline Folkestone. Liz Minter
On the frontline of trade and of war, threatened by invasions, explore how over the centuries Folkestone reacted and survived.

Weds 30 October: 10 am
The Director’s Walk. Paul Bennett
The Director of the Archaeological Trust can evoke the ancient city of Canterbury in a way that no-one else can.

Thursday 31 October: 10 am
NEW! War Memorials of Canterbury. Cressida Williams
An exploration of memorials to the fallen of nineteenth- and twentieth-century wars, in buildings as well as public spaces.

Friday 1 November: 10 am
Introductory Tour of Dover Western Heights. Keith Parfitt
Explore some of the most interesting parts of Dover’s Western fortifications, including a short low passageway, with an experienced archaeologist. Moderately strenuous.

Saturday 2 November: 10 am
‘Strangers’ in Canterbury. Doreen Rosman
Walloons, Flemings, and Huguenots sought sanctuary in Tudor and Stuart Canterbury. Find out about them, their descendants, and their new home.

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