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Boat 1550 BC goes to Rome

Deputy Director, Peter Clark is to speak on the Dover Bronze Age boat at an international study day at the French School in Rome on 20th March.

It used to be that not much more was known about Bronze Age boats than could be gleaned from the rock carvings of Northern Europe. Then came early discoveries of very poorly preserved sewn plank boats, such as at Ferriby in Yorkshire, and a number of Bronze Age wrecks found on eastern shores of the Meditertanean.

The discovery of the boat in Dover in 1992, another in Marseille in 1993, others in Spain, a late Bronze Age wreck in Istria and nearly a dozen more ancient Greek shipwrecks has changed all that. The ‘Journée d’Étude’ in Rome  will explore the maritime archaeology of the Bronze Age and the Archaic period in Northern Europe, the Western Mediterranean and the Adriatic.
International Study Day

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