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Boat 1550 BC: the launch

After a busy week in the ‘boat shed’, tomorrow will see the second testing for seaworthiness of the half-size replica of Dover’s Bronze Age boat. Last week the boat was at the centre of hectic activity as the boat builders toiled under the the expectant eyes of press and media gathered for its launch. Amongst the visitors was the Time Team and, characteristically, Phil Harding was eager to get ‘hands on’.
Boat 1550BCBoat 1550BCBoat 1550BC
Initial plans to float the vessel with a small crew were abandoned when the boat shipped more water than had been anticipated – the crew was to have included a designated ‘baler’.
Manouvering through Market SquareArrives at marinaPoised for immersion
Touches the waterThe leaks are identifiedLifted
Consequently the boat’s naming ceremony took place on the esplanade. Heralded by music from Canterbury Christ Church University and christened with champagne, ‘Ole Crumlin Pedersen’ was then displayed to the crowds before retiring to dry dock to be prepared for sea.
Musicians from CCCU Seafront

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