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Boat 1550 BC project

We recently received notice that the European Union has agreed to fund the ‘Boat 1550 BC’ project.  This is a 1.9 million euro project (c. £1,700,000) that aims to enhance understanding and appreciation of the common cultural heritage shared by communities lying on either side of the English Channel.  It will achieve this in a number of ways; the creation of a major international exhibition that will move between each of the three participatory nations in 2012/2013; an extensive programme of educational and outreach activities focussing on cross-border co-operation and participation; and the construction of a replica of the Dover Bronze Age boat as a celebration of the technological skills of our Bronze Age ancestors and a symbol of the maritime links that brought together the prehistoric communities of the Transmanche area.

The Trust is undertaking this work in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University, the University of Lille 3, Ghent University, INRAP (the French national archaeology service), the Conseil general du Pas-de-Calais, the town of Boulogne-sur-Mer and the British Museum.

It has taken several years of planning and negotiation to set this project up, with no guarantee of success, so I am very pleased to report we have finally secured approval.  It means that the Trust will take a major role in a high-status international endeavour, with all that means in terms of exposure of the Trust to a wider audience, the development of better links with our archaeological colleagues across the water, and the fulfilment of our charitable aims through greatly enhanced education and outreach activities.
Dover Bronze Age BoatDover Bronze Age Boat

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