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‘Beyond the Horizon’ comes to Dover

The travelling exhibition, celebrating 20 years of  research which began with the discovery of the Bronze Age boat in Dover in 1992, opened at Dover Museum on Monday.

The culmination of the ‘BOAT 1550 BC’ project, the exhibition, entitled ‘Beyond the Horizon: Societies of the Channel and North Sea 3,500 Years Ago’,  explores cross channel links in the Bronze Age. Seven key themes are  explored, including the building of the boat, travel, crafts and beliefs and some wonderful Bronze Age treasures have been brought together for the exhibition.

At the centre of the exhibition is the original Bronze Age boat. The replica, made using the materials and techniques of 1550 BC is also on display. Imagine yourself at the tiller and take a look at our Kickstarter project!

The exhibition runs until 31st December.

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