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Archaeological excavations in a commercial environment are only undertaken when preservation in situ has proved impossible or problematic. The intention is therefore to preserve the historic asset by record. To achieve this it is necessary to deconstruct the remains, systematically and with precision. Each stage of the process is recorded in incredible detail to allow for later analysis, interpretation and publication. This is painstaking and highly skilled work, only to be undertaken by well-trained and experienced professionals.

The people you see on site will all be qualified to at least university degree level and many will be experts in particular historic/prehistoric periods and types of remains. Modern excavation techniques are designed to allow for scientific analysis such as radiometric and other dating techniques, the osteological examination of human and animal remains, environmental analysis, artefactual studies and spatial analysis.

Canterbury Archaeological Trust has a large permanent staff of field archaeologists as well as in-house and consultant specialists capable of handling all eventualities.

For further information contact Alison Hicks

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