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Building surveying and recording

Canterbury Archaeological Trust undertakes historic building recording projects all over the county of Kent, and occasionally further afield.  We record buildings of many kinds and periods — from medieval timber-framed buildings, such as houses and barns, to the wide range of nineteenth- and twentieth-century building types.

The vast majority of surveys are undertaken in advance of, or during repair, alteration or demolition. Such work often forms part of the planning process as set out by central government in the National Planning Policy Framework.  We also undertake emergency recording, for example after a fire.  Surveys can also be undertaken for property owners who simply want to learn more about the buildings in which they live, or to inform decisions about a building’s future use.

A survey can range from a brief site visit and examination, followed by a short written appraisal, through more detailed recording, analysis and interpretation, to minutely detailed survey for dismantling and re-erection.  A range of techniques may be employed, including hand-measured or electronic survey; photography (including rectified photography); and written description.  If appropriate, documentary research can be undertaken to enhance our understanding of the building’s fabric and history.

The projects shown here have been chosen to show something of the range of surveys carried out by our team. Every year a selection is featured in Canterbury’s Archaeology (CA).

Contact: Rupert Austin

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