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Welcome to the Canterbury Archaeological Trust’s first blog, an integral part of our new website. We’ve spent the past few months beavering away behind the scenes enhancing our web presence and we hope you like the results. This is only the beginning; we have many more exciting additions to the site which will be rolling out during the rest of 2011.

For instance, very soon in the Research and Reports section you will be able to view an interactive map of Kent showing places where the Trust has undertaken archaeological investigations. If all works as it should, clicking on any one of these locations will immediately take you to a pdf of any report that may be available for that site.

In the news centre we have a series of project diaries which provide up-to-the-minute information about past and present ┬áinvestigations. Very shortly we will be posting one about the work now being carried out off St Dunstan’s Street, on the corner of Station Road West.

This is a really interesting site, being just outside the city walls on the line of the old Roman road. Not unsurprisingly, we are encountering quite a few burials, but perhaps just as fascinating is that we have located the foundations of a long-lost synagogue.

Included here is a photograph sent to us by Clive Raines whose property overlooks the site.
Station Road West