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Thanet Earth 2007-2008

JUMP TO November–December 2007 | December–January 2008 | February–March 2008 April 2008 | May 2008 | June–July 2008 | August 2008 | September–October 2008 (final weeks) September – October 2007 Three kinds of investigation are being carried out. Metal detector survey Under the direction of the archaeologists, members of various groups co-ordinated by Kent Archaeological […]

Roman Canterbury, a journey into the past

National Curriculum History Roman Canterbury, a journey into the past Andy Harmsworth and Canterbury Archaeological Trust (First published 1994; revised 2004, 2019) ISBN 9781870545013 Recently reprinted and available to buy, either from us: Canterbury Archaeological Trust, 92A Broad Street, Canterbury CT1 2LU or Canterbury Roman Museum, Longmarket, 11a Butchery Lane, Canterbury CT1 2JR This resource is […]

CAT KIT pots and pans

Click here and see how Barton Court children made an Iron Age kiln!

CAT KIT pots and pans

Local Iron Age people made pots by hand, like these. © Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd.

CAT KIT building homes

This house is at Butser in Hampshire. It was built by experimental archaeologists in the 20th century, in a style used by people in the Iron Age. The roofs were thatched. © Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd.

CAT KIT building homes

Canterbury in the Late Iron Age. Walls of houses were made with wattle and clay daub. The roofs were thatched. Courtesy of Canterbury Museums ©.

Canterbury in Roman times

Canterbury in Roman times. This reconstruction has been drawn using archaeological evidence. Compare it to the Late Iron Age reconstruction. © Canterbury Archaeological Trust 2006.

Small colour postcards

Small colour postcards (GB 15p each) William the Conqueror silver penny; family burial of the 5th century; fragment of Roman face pot; Longmarket mosaic; Lanfranc’s cathedral reconstruction; Late Iron Age ‘Belgic’ pots from Canterbury; 6th century Canterbury Pendant; Canterbury’s Westgate; Canterbury’s Royal castle reconstruction; Viking raid c. 1011; Roman necklaces.

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1998–1999

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1998–1999 [LOOK INSIDE at] Canterbury City Sites [PDF 616KB] 1. Market Way 2. Station Road West 3. Nos 40–42 Station Road West/Kirby’s Lane 4. Former Police Station, Kirby’s Lane Canterbury District Sites [PDF 2805KB] 5. Sarre Penn Culvert, Blean 6. Sunset Caravan Park and Church Lane East, Whitstable 7. Wraik Hill, Whitstable […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1989–1990

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1989–1990 [LOOK INSIDE at] Excavations: Canterbury Sites [PDF 3964KB] 1. St Gregory’s Priory 2. 30 North Lane 3. Station Road East 4. St Peter’s Methodist School 5. Christ Church College 6. North Lane: the riverside wall 7. Longmarket 8. St John’s Hospital and St John’s Nursery Excavations: Kent Sites [PDF 2092KB] 1. […]