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Iron Age and Roman Folkestone reconstructed

Iron Age reconstruction
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This is a reconstruction of how Folkestone’s East Cliff may have looked in the Late Iron Age, before the Roman conquest of southern Britain in AD 43. The picture is based on evidence from excavations. There was at least one ‘round house’ and a very simple work shop on the cliff top where stone querns […]

Early Iron Age Settlement, Canterbury

Early Iron Age Settlement, University of Kent, Canterbury During the spring and summer of 2013 Canterbury Archaeological Trust investigated an extensive early to middle Iron Age (600–100 BC) settlement on land to the west of the University of Kent, Canterbury (centred on NGR 613689 159411).  The work was commissioned by the university prior to the construction of […]

Iron Age helmet hits the news
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The finding of the rare Iron Age helmet by a local metal detectorist has caught the interest of the media. See video clips and related stories on the BBC News website and also on Facebook. Tweet

A Late Iron Age helmet found near Canterbury
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A rare prehistoric helmet has been unearthed on farmland outside Canterbury. The helmet, made of bronze and dating to the first century BC, was discovered by an amateur metal detectorist.  Andrew Richardson, then our Finds Manager, takes up the story. “Arriving home from work one October evening, I received a telephone call from a local […]

Iron Age cremation grave in Hertfordshire

These things were found in an Iron Age cremation grave in Hertfordshire. The dead person was probably quite wealthy and may have been a chieftain.

Experimental Iron Age site at Butser

You can visit this experimental Iron Age site at Butser in Hampshire.

Canterbury in the Late Iron Age

Canterbury in the Late Iron Age. This reconstruction has been drawn using archaeological evidence found around the area of Whitehall Gardens. © Canterbury City Museums.

Iron Age copper alloy figurine

Iron Age (c. 300BC) copper alloy figurine, St John’s Lane, Canterbury, Kent. Photograph: Andrew Savage. © Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd.

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