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Canterbury Journey update
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Anyone walking through the cathedral grounds over the past eighteen months or so is likely to have noticed archaeologists amongst those working on the Canterbury Journey landscaping scheme. The core team of Phil Mayne and Frances Morgan has been busy in the South Precincts since February 2018, with other archaeologists joining them during more intense […]

St James, Dover

You can follow us for regular updates on TWITTER and FACEBOOK Jump down page to Woolcomber Street dig Russell Street Dig: News bulletin 6 After 215 days in the field, it’s finally all over. We pulled the last digger out of their hole at 5.30 on Sunday night. In true archaeological style, the last few days […]

Church Street, Maidstone

Church Street, Maidstone Following evaluation undertaken in November 2011, an excavation has recently been completed on the site of a former tennis court and gardens in Church Street in advance of a new housing scheme. The site lies east of Maidstone town centre on gently sloping ground. To the west is the River Medway and […]

A Town Unearthed

The Rocky Road to the Iron Age: excavation at Folkestone Roman villa 2011 The second season of excavation at the East Wear Bay Roman villa, Folkestone ran between May and November 2011. The work forms part of the three year Heritage Lottery funded community project ‘A Town Unearthed: Folkestone Before 1500’(or ATU). The excavation is […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2006–2007

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2006–2007 [LOOK INSIDE at] Excavation [PDF 3043KB] Whitehall Road, Canterbury Barton Court Grammar School, Canterbury Canterbury College Nos 3–4 Oaten Hill, Canterbury Nos 20A–21A Palace Street, Canterbury St Lawrence cricket ground, Old Dover Road, Canterbury No 1 Ryde Street, Canterbury Rhodaus Town, Canterbury Parham Close, Sturry Road Fordwich Village Hall The Grange, […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2003–2004

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2003–2004 [LOOK INSIDE at] Canterbury City Sites [PDF 1282KB] 1. Whitefriars 2. Outer Court, Archbishop’s Palace 3. Cathedral cloisters 4. No. 62 Burgate 5. Northgate Garage 6. Market Way 7. Simmonds Road Canterbury District Sites [PDF 714KB] 8. Ford reservoir 9. Underdown Lane, Eddington 10. King’s Tree, Stodmarsh Road, Fordwich Kent Sites […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2002–2003

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2002–2003 [LOOK INSIDE at] Canterbury City Sites [PDF 1240KB] 1. Whitefriars 2. Debenhams, Guildhall Street 3. Greyfriars 4. No. 44 St Peter’s Street/Tower Way 5. St Mildred’s Tannery and Masons’ Yard 6. Hospital Lane 7. No. 8 St Mary’s Street 8. Land adjacent to Nos 10–16 Wincheap 9. Vernon Grange, No. 35 […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1999–2000

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1999–2000 [LOOK INSIDE at] Canterbury City Sites [PDF 1822KB] 1. South Close, The Precincts 2. No. 48 Palace Street 3. St Peter’s Grove 4. St Peter’s Methodist Primary School, St Peter’s Grove 5. Station Road East 6. Canterbury High School, Knight’s Avenue 7. No. 5 Rhodaus Town 8. Ivy Lane 9. City […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1994–1995

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1994–1995 [LOOK INSIDE at] Fieldwork: Canterbury City Sites [PDF 1593KB] 1. Northgate Car Park 2. Greyfriars Gate 3. Adelaide Place 4. Hospital Lane 5. Nos 33–36A North Lane 6. Pound Lane Car Park 7. St Radigund’s Bridge 8. Magistrates Court Car Park, Broad Street 9. No. 8 Vernon Place 10. St Gregory’s […]