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Dover office

Keith Parfitt: Project Manager Email: Telephone: 01304 227000 Mobile: 07968 573415 Paul-Samual Armour: Archaeologist Email: Telephone: 01304 227000   Canterbury Archaeological Trust The Basement Waterloo Crescent Dover CT16 1LA

Keith Parfitt, Dover District Field Officer

Email: Direct line: +44 (1304) 227000

St James, Dover

You can follow us for regular updates on TWITTER and FACEBOOK Jump down page to Woolcomber Street dig Russell Street Dig: News bulletin 6 After 215 days in the field, it’s finally all over. We pulled the last digger out of their hole at 5.30 on Sunday night. In true archaeological style, the last few days […]

St Margaret’s at Cliffe

St Margaret’s at Cliffe In November 2012 a small team headed by Keith Parfitt of our Dover office excavated a small site ahead of new building work on land to the north-west of ‘Seamark’, on the south-east side of The Droveway at St Margaret’s at Cliffe, near Dover.  This work followed previous evaluation trenching which […]

Canterbury Festival Walks
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The Festival programme is out and nestled on pages 43 to 45 you’ll find details of twenty fascinating Festival Walks. The Friends are the main providers of the walks, running t wo-thirds of those on offer. Once again, the list includes a ‘virtual walk’ for those of limited mobility.  If you haven’t yet obtained a […]

How do we know about the past?

We could think of the things archaeologists find as old rubbish. But the bits of animal bones, broken pottery and chunks of buildings are useful and interesting rubbish! Look at the wheelie bin. The first rubbish was put in on Monday, the last rubbish on Friday. So we could say that the oldest rubbish in […]

Project staff

PROJECT STAFF A staff of experienced professional archaeologists will supervise all aspects of the work and be on hand for instruction or discussion. The project team includes the following members: Field School Director Keith Parfitt, BA, FSA, MCIfA Keith decided he wanted to become a professional archaeologist when he was about 10 or 11. Major […]

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bronze Age? Prehistory themed resources

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bronze Age?* Bronze Age themed resource for new Prehistory programme – the BOAT KIT Summer 2014 and the three year European project ‘BOAT 1550 BC’ has just closed.  When we began planning for this, Prehistory barely got a mention in the English school curriculum but from September, schools are required […]

Dr Frank Panton 1923-2013
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Dr Frank Panton, former Chairman of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust and the Dover Bronze Age Boat Trust and Hon Librarian of the Kent Archaeological Society, died on 8th April 2013. His funeral will be held tomorrow, 30th April at All Saints Church, Tunstall. Francis Harry Panton was born in Lincoln on 25th May 1923 and […]

A Late Iron Age helmet found near Canterbury
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A rare prehistoric helmet has been unearthed on farmland outside Canterbury. The helmet, made of bronze and dating to the first century BC, was discovered by an amateur metal detectorist.  Andrew Richardson, then our Finds Manager, takes up the story. “Arriving home from work one October evening, I received a telephone call from a local […]