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New Romney First Time Sewerage Scheme 2004-2006

New Romney First Time Sewerage Scheme   March 2006 Canterbury Archaeological Trust is carrying out an ongoing programme of archaeological works in advance of the New Romney and Greatstone First Time Sewerage Scheme on behalf of 4D and Southern Water. Archaeological evaluation of the route of the sewer consisting of the cutting of a number of […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2013–2014

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2013–2014 [LOOK INSIDE at] Excavation The name of the settlement we now know as Canterbury – Durovernum Cantiacorum – first appears in the history books during the middle of the second century AD, but archaeology has shown that there was a settlement here long before that. How did the earliest settlement at […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2012–2013

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2012–2013 [LOOK INSIDE at] Excavation our field team uncovered some remarkable archaeology on a huge variety of sites. Here we explore discoveries from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods The Meads, Sittingbourne Claxfield Farm, ­Lynsted St Edmund’s School, Canterbury Wincheap, Canterbury St Margaret’s at Cliffe, Dover Building recording […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2011–2012

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2011–2012 [LOOK INSIDE at] Excavation [PDF 16696KB] No 28 St Dunstan’s Street, Canterbury Canterbury Cathedral Precincts No 41 St George’s Place, Canterbury British Red Cross Centre, Lower Chantry Lane, Canterbury No 23 Oaten Hill, Canterbury St Lawrence Cricket Ground, Old Dover Road, Canterbury Franklyn House, Sturry Sittingbourne Paper Mill Minster Abbey, Sheppey […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2008–2009

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2008–2009 [LOOK INSIDE at] Excavation [PDF 10682KB] Thanet Earth, Monkton The Meads, Sittingbourne Lower Lines Park, Brompton, Gillingham Nos 5–7 The Parade, Canterbury All Saints Court, All Saints Lane, Canterbury Ryde Street, Canterbury House of Agnes, 71 St Dunstan’s Street, Canterbury Preliminary survey of earthworks in the vicinity of Bigbury Camp and […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2006–2007

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2006–2007 [LOOK INSIDE at] Excavation [PDF 3043KB] Whitehall Road, Canterbury Barton Court Grammar School, Canterbury Canterbury College Nos 3–4 Oaten Hill, Canterbury Nos 20A–21A Palace Street, Canterbury St Lawrence cricket ground, Old Dover Road, Canterbury No 1 Ryde Street, Canterbury Rhodaus Town, Canterbury Parham Close, Sturry Road Fordwich Village Hall The Grange, […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2005–2006

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2005–2006 [LOOK INSIDE at] Canterbury City Sites [PDF 3331KB] 1. St Mildred’s Tannery 2. The ‘Cycle Facility’, St George’s Lane 3. Choir House, Cathedral Precincts 4. Church Street St Paul’s 5. Barton Court Grammar School, Longport 6. H.M. Prison, Longport 7. No. 14 Westgate Grove 8. The House of Agnes, No. 71 […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2004–2005

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2004–2005 [LOOK INSIDE at] Canterbury City Sites [PDF 6002KB] 1. Nos 6–8 Rose Lane 2. No. 8 Palace Street 3. No. 30 King’s Street 4. New Grange House, King’s School, St Augustine’s Abbey 5. No. 20 Love Lane (Holter’s Mews, Ivy Lane) 6. Barton Mill and Barton Mill Road Canterbury District Sites […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2002–2003

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2002–2003 [LOOK INSIDE at] Canterbury City Sites [PDF 1240KB] 1. Whitefriars 2. Debenhams, Guildhall Street 3. Greyfriars 4. No. 44 St Peter’s Street/Tower Way 5. St Mildred’s Tannery and Masons’ Yard 6. Hospital Lane 7. No. 8 St Mary’s Street 8. Land adjacent to Nos 10–16 Wincheap 9. Vernon Grange, No. 35 […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2001–2002

Canterbury’s Archaeology 2001–2002 [LOOK INSIDE at] Canterbury City Sites [PDF 5389KB] 1. Whitefriars 2. The Campanile of Christ Church, Canterbury 3. Cobden Place 4. Outer Court, Archbishop’s Palace 5. St Peter’s Methodist Church, St Peter’s Street 6. No. 9A Best Lane 7. St Dunstan’s Terrace 8. Barton Court Grammar School, Longport 9. St Martin’s […]