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CAT Education Service at Folkestone Roman Villa 2011
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“A rare and exciting opportunity to see in action how we learn about the past” In July over 400 local schoolchildren and teachers visited the excavation taking place on the site of the Roman Villa at East Cliff, Folkestone. The excavation forms part of the ‘A Town Unearthed: Folkestone before 1500’ community project. Visits to the site were […]

Boat 1550 BC project
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We recently received notice that the European Union has agreed to fund the ‘Boat 1550 BC’ project.  This is a 1.9 million euro project (c. £1,700,000) that aims to enhance understanding and appreciation of the common cultural heritage shared by communities lying on either side of the English Channel.  It will achieve this in a […]

The Archaeology in Education Service (AES)

The Trust’s constitution includes the aim to ‘promote the advancement of public education in the subject of Archaeology’. It achieves this through a range of learning opportunities – popular and academic publications, excavation visits, lectures, city walks, exhibitions, media coverage, welcoming volunteer assistance, to mention some – and through its Archaeology in Education Service (AES). The […]

Charitable activities

The principal purpose of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust as set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association (1975) is ‘to promote the advancement of public education in the field of archaeology’. The charity pursues this objective through a wide range of activities, including active involvement in archaeological fieldwork and research throughout south-east England and […]

Public interest

If you have a personal passion for Archaeology or History we hope you will find something of interest to you here. If you run a club or interest group have a look at the resources in the Schools section. ‘Older’ readers new to a subject, may also find the material aimed at younger people to be […]

Further/Higher education

You may also like to look at the Schools section of this website. Material aimed principally at young people is often suitable for older readers in search of an accurate (and digestible!) introduction to a subject. The Archaeology in Education Service (AES) Aims of the AES and what it can currently offer teachers, tutors, students […]

The Mint Yard, King’s School

The Mint Yard, King’s School, Canterbury In 1979, a major excavation funded by the King’s School was undertaken by CAT in advance of the construction of Mitchinson’s House, a substantial basemented building. The excavation, positioned to match the footprint of the new House, was taken down through a remarkable sequence of deposits that included the […]

Autumn archaeology
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Next Saturday sees the first of some interesting local conferences and talks which are coming up this autumn. Early Medieval Kent, 800-1220: Saturday 10 September A joint Christ Church Canterbury University/Centre for Kent History and Heritage/Friends of Canterbury Archaeological Trust venture. It takes place at the Old Sessions House, Longport, Canterbury, starting at 10.00 am. Eight speakers will cover topics […]


Leaflets Originally produced by the Trust in the 1980s when the Director was Tim Tatton-Brown and John Bowen was the draughtsman and in charge of Building Recording. Some of these popular leaflets are now available to download and we hope to add more as time goes by. The Archbishop’s Palace The Westgate St Margaret’s Church […]

Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison B.Sc. (Hons) FSA National Policing & Crime Advisor, English Heritage Mark joined the Metropolitan Police in 1980 where he gained experience in patrol, traffic and public order policing. In 1988, Mark transferred to his home county of Kent where he specialised in the investigation of rural and vehicle-related crime. On promotion to Sergeant […]