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Canterbury’s Archaeology 1993–1994

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1993–1994 [LOOK INSIDE at] Fieldwork: Canterbury Sites [PDF 2570KB] 1. Christ Church College 2. St Mary Northgate 3. Pound Lane car park 4. Former East Kent Road Car Company Depot 5. Wincheap Car Park 6. Duck Lane Car Park 7. St Dunstan’s Bridge 8. 66 London Road 9. St Stephen’s Parish Hall […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1992–1993

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1992–1993 [LOOK INSIDE at] Fieldwork: Sites in Canterbury [PDF 1033KB] 1. Canterbury Cathedral 2. 2 St John’s Lane 3. Diocesan House 4. Dean’s Mill, The Causeway 5. 12 Castle Street 6. 61 Cossington Road, 7. 8 Whitehall Road 8. 6 The Parade 9. 48 High Street 10. Christ Church College 11. 19 […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1990–1991

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1990–1991 [LOOK INSIDE at] Fieldwork [PDF 3923] I Desk and Fieldwalking Assessments 1. The western part of the valley of the Sarre Penn II Evaluations 2. 26A Hawks Lane, Canterbury 3. Starr Place, St Dunstan’s, Canterbury 4. Rear of the House of Agnes, St Dunstan’s, Canterbury 5. Station Road East (Palmers), Canterbury […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1989–1990

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1989–1990 [LOOK INSIDE at] Excavations: Canterbury Sites [PDF 3964KB] 1. St Gregory’s Priory 2. 30 North Lane 3. Station Road East 4. St Peter’s Methodist School 5. Christ Church College 6. North Lane: the riverside wall 7. Longmarket 8. St John’s Hospital and St John’s Nursery Excavations: Kent Sites [PDF 2092KB] 1. […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1987–1988

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1987–1988 [LOOK INSIDE at] I Excavation [PDF 4964KB] 1. 25 Watling Street, Canterbury 2. St Margaret’s Church, Canterbury 3. 2 High Street, Canterbury 4. Linden Grove, Canterbury 5. Christ Church College: Paramedical Centre, Canterbury 6. St Martin’s Heights, Canterbury 7. St Augustine’s Abbey Conduit House, Canterbury 8. 10 Best Lane, Canterbury 9. […]

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1986–1987

Canterbury’s Archaeology 1986–1987 [PDF 8373KB] [LOOK INSIDE at] Obituary: Donald Baron Excavation 1. St John’s Lane, Canterbury 2. Barret’s, Pound Lane, Canterbury 3. ‘Martin’s’,20 St Margaret’s Street, Canterbury 4. St Margaret’s Church, Canterbury 5. 36–7 Stour Street, Canterbury 6. Christ Church College, Canterbury 7. Adelaide Place, Canterbury 8. St Radigund’s Street, Canterbury 9. All […]

Beneath the prison
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Recent discoveries at Canterbury Christ Church University

Beneath the prison
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An extensive archaeological investigation of the site of the former Canterbury Prison, now part of Canterbury Christ Church University, took place between July 2018 and June 2019. The work was undertaken in advance of and during the construction of Building 2 destined to house new Science, Technology, Health, Engineering and Medical facilities. Many archaeological features […]

Summer outings
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It’s June! The sun is out (today at least), the strawberries are ripening and it’s time for garden parties, fetes and pageants.  Here are three local events where you can catch up with the Trust, handle some finds or have a Litte Dig. First up is Charing Village Fete and Flower Show on Saturday 22nd […]

Roman Lympne
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Dr Steven Willis from the University of Kent is the next guest speaker in the Friends’ lecture series. He is going to talk on ‘Roman Lympne: context, new research and questions’. Short lived, fragmented, robbed, descending a now undulating slope and on private land, the late Roman shore fort at Lympne is not easily visited […]