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For enquiries relating to specific sites worked on by Canterbury Archaeological Trust please contact our Research Officer Jake Weekes.

The following CAT reports from 2010 can be downloaded:

Report no. Title Author(s) Project code
2010/1 Northfleet Growth Scheme, Kent Christopher Sparey-Green NGSP-WB-08
2010/2 16 Crow Lane, Rochester, Medway, Kent Andrew Linklater CLR-WB-09
2010/3 Gravesend Library and 1a and 2a Windmill Street, Milton-Next-Gravesend, Kent Christopher Sparey-Green Peter Seary LWSG-DA-BR-09
2010/5 Land adjacent to 6 Union Street, Rochester, Medway, Kent Andrew Linklater USR-WB-09
2010/6 Wool Store Bridge, North Lane Car Park, Canterbury Simon Pratt WSBC-10
2010/8 The Great Lines Heritage Project Crop-mark Evaluation, Chatham, Kent James Holman GLHP-09
2010/9 Little Moatenden, Maidstone Road, Headcorn, Kent Andrew Linklater LMH-WB-10
2010/10 Abbey Court, Boarley Lane, Sandling, near Maidstone, Kent Crippin Jarman ACS-EV-10
2010/11 St Peter and St Paul’s church, The Street, Upper Stoke (Isle of Grain), Kent Andrew Linklater SPCUSO-WB-09
2010/13 Invicta House car-park, Canterbury, Kent Ross Lane IHCCP-EV-10
2010/14 Former Swan Hotel, The Street, Appledore, Kent Andrew Linklater SHA-WB-10
2010/15 White Cliffs Business Park, Honeywood Parkway Whitfield Keith Parfitt HPW-EV-10
2010/16 1 Hillcrest Gardens, Eastry Keith Parfitt HCGE-WB-10
2010/18 Canterbury Cathedral Stonemasons’ Yard, Shalloak Road, Hackington, Canterbury Simon Pratt
Paul Renn
2010/19 8 North Lane, Canterbury, Kent Crippin Jarman 8NLC-EV-10
2010/20 Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London Christopher Sparey-Green RCJ-WB-10
2010/21 Greenhill Farm, Herne Bay Keith Parfitt GFHB-EV-10
2010/22 New fence-line at The Citadel, Western Heights, Dover Keith Parfitt DCNF-WB-10
2010/23 St Margaret’s Church, Addington, Kent Andrew Linklater SMCA-EV-10
2010/24 Augustine House, Canterbury Christ Church University, Rhodaus Town, Canterbury Richard Helm AHRTC-EX-07 AHRTC-WB-08
2010/25 162 High Street, Hythe, Kent Crispin Jarman 162HSH-EV-10
2010/26 Garage block between 362 and 385 King Henry Drive, New Addington, Croydon Adrian Gollop KHD-10
2010/27 RSME Sally Port Gardens Ross Lane SPG-EV-10
2010/29 Cobham College Ross Lane NCC-EV-10
2010/30 1-3 The Bayle, Folkestone, Kent  Christopher Sparey-Green BAF-BR-10
2010/31 Land at Manston Business Park, Isle of Thanet, Kent Jake Weekes MBP-DA-10
2010/32 Thanington Road, Wincheap Roundabout and Rheims Way, Canterbury CCTV/VMS masts Simon Pratt CCV-WB-10
2010/33 Canterbury Cathedral Stonemasons’ Yard, Shalloak Road, Broad Oak, Kent Crippin Jarman BMY-EV-10
2010/34 Proposed new Sainsbury’s, Military Road, Hythe, Kent Ross Lane NSH-EV-10
2010/36 17 Littlebourne Road, Canterbury Russell Henshaw LRC-EV-10         LRC-WB-10
2010/38 Glebe House, School Lane, Lower Hardres, Canterbury Andrew Linklater GHSL-WB-10
2010/40 28 St Dunstan’s Street, Canterbury: Residential (retirement homes) Simon Pratt
James Holman
2010/48 Three Kings, 9 Strand Street, Sandwich Keith Parfitt SSTS-WB-10
2010/49 149-156 Snargate Street, Dover Keith Parfitt SGSD-EV-10
2010/50 Mill Cottage, Cold Blow, Nonington Richard Helm MCN-WB-09
2010/51 New road signs in Canterbury James Holman VMSC-WB-10
2010/52 290 Warren Road, Chatham, Kent James Holman WRC-WB-10         WRC-EX-10
2010/53 Land adjoining Craythorne’s, New Romney James Holman CNR-WB-10
2010/54 Ashford Gateway Plus (the former library), Church Road, Ashford James Holman CRA-EV-10
2010/55 37 Crown Gardens, Canterbury Russell Henshaw CGC-EV-10
2010/56 Former Ellington Girls School, Ellington Place, St Lawrence, Ramsgate Andrew Linklater EGSR-EV-10
2010/57 23 Oaten Hill, Canterbury Richard Helm 23OHC-EV-10
2010/58 Land adjacent 5 Alma Road, Reculver, Herne Bay, Kent Adrian Gollop ARHB-EV-09  ARHB-WB-10
2010/59 96, 98, 100 Limpsfield Road, Sanderstead, Croydon Christopher Sparey-Green LPF-09
2010/60 St Mary’s Church, Church Hill, High Halden Andrew Linklater SMCHH0-EV-10
2010/61 Former Mill House Public House, Littlebourne Road, Canterbury Ross Lane MHC-EV-10
2010/62 56 Canterbury Road, Westbrook, Margate Richard Helm 56CRM-EV-10
2010/63 Car park adjacent to the YMCA Roundhouse, Overy Street, Dartford Enid Allison et al OSD-EV-10
2010/64 Site of the Former Ellington Girls’ School, Ellington Place, Ramsgate, Kent Crippin Jarman Peter Seary EGSR-BR-10
2010/65 Shelford Farm Estate, Broadoak Road, Canterbury, Kent Jon Rady
Damien Boden
2010/66 Shelford Farm Estate, Broadoak Road, Canterbury, Kent Jon Rady
Damien Boden
2010/67 Shelford Farm Estate, Broadoak Road, Canterbury, Kent Jon Rady
Damien Boden
2010/68 Carlyon House, Kings School, rear of 33 – 36 Palace Street, Canterbury Adrian Gollop CHKSC-EV10
2010/70 401-405 Nether Street, Finchley, London Christopher Sparey-Green NSFLON-DAR-EV-10
2010/71 The ‘Old Orchard’, Dean’s Garden, Canterbury Cathedral Alison Hicks CC-DG-DBA-9
2010/72 Land adjacent to ‘St Cecilia’s’, No 83 Sea Road, Westgate-on-Sea, Thanet Keith Parfitt SRWS-EV-10
2010/73 Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban Alison Hicks      Peter Seary STAL-DBA-10
2010/74 Canterbury Cathedral: Cathedral House Courtyard Alison Hicks CC-ISCPW-DBA-10
2010/75 Former Aylesham Health Centre, Boulevard Courriers, Aylesham, Kent Richard Helm BCA-EV-10
2010/76 Garlinge Medical Centre, 150 Canterbury Road, Margate, Kent Christopher Sparey-Green GMCM-EV-10
2010/77 Thanet Earth 2007-2008. Stratigraphic Report (2 volumes) Jon Rady et al TE-EX-07
2010/78 Thanet Earth 2007-2008. Assessment Report (2 volumes) Jon Rady et al TE-EX-07
2010/79 St Stephen’s Infant School, Hales Way, Canterbury, Kent James Holman SSSC-EV10
2010/80 Market Place, Aylesham, Kent Ross Lane MPA-EV-10
2010/81 Stonelees Golf Course, Ebbsfleet Lane, Nr. Ramsgate Ross Lane SGCE-EV-10
2010/82 28 St Dunstan’s Street, Canterbury Adrian Gollop 28SDS-EV10
2010/83 Frith Farm House, Otterden, Faversham, Kent Andrew Linklater FFHOF-WB-10
2010/84 St Michael and all Angels Church, Church Hill, Kingsnorth Andrew Linklater SMAACK-WB-05
2010/85 Broad Meadow care home, Park Farm, Folkestone, Kent Andrew Linklater BMHF-WB-10
2010/86 Hancocks Farm, Cranbrook, Kent Andrew Linklater HFC-WB-10
2010/88 Mill Yard, West Malling Jake Weekes MYWM-DA-10
2010/89 Former Fordwich Garage, Sturry, Kent Ross Lane FGS-EV-10
2010/90 Land Adjacent to Tolhust Court, Turkey Mills, Maidstone, Kent Adrian Gollop TMM-EV -10
2010/91 The Apple Tree, 41 High Street, Sandwich Richard Hoskins ATHS-WB-10
2010/94 St Crispin’s Community Primary Infant School, Westgate on Sea, Thanet, Kent Andrew Linklater SCPS-WB-10
2010/95 Wagon Barn, Park Lane, Bethersden, Kent Andrew Linklater WBPLB-WB-10
2010/96 26 Bridge Down, Bridge, Kent Christopher Sparey-Green BDB-WB-10
2010/97 Wootton Manor Cottage, Geerings Lane, Charing, Kent Tania Wilson WMC-WB-10
2010/99 Former Health Centre, Boulevard Courriers, Aylesham, Kent Tania Wilson BCA-WB-10
2010/100 21 King Street, Canterbury Alison Hicks CKS-TC-EV10
2010/102 Great Lines Heritage Park (Fort Amherst Phase 2) Mick Diack GLHP-09
2010/103 Land adjacent to ‘St Cecilia’s’, No 83 Sea Road, Westgate-on-Sea, Thanet, Kent Crippin Jarman SCWS-WB-10
2010/104 Dover Western Heights fence replacement Keith Parfitt DWEH-WB-10
2010/105 The Old Farmhouse, Maidstone, Kent Jake Weekes
Simon Pratt
2010/106 The Beaney Institute Canterbury – Interim Report Mick Diack BIC-EX-09
2010/107 St. George’s Place, Canterbury Jake Weekes
Simon Pratt
2010/108 Land at the site of the former A20 Northside Garage, Harrietsham, Kent Adrian Gollop NGH-EV-09
2010/109 Land to the north-west of the Thanet Way, High Street Road, Waterham (Hernehill), Kent Adrian Gollop HSRW-EV-10
2010/110 Millbrook Garden Centre, Southfleet, Kent Christopher Sparey-Green MGCS-WB-10
2010/111 Friends Meeting House, Canterbury, Kent  Christopher Sparey-Green QMHC-EX-10
2010/112 Land at Hanningfield Retirement Home, London Road, Sittingbourne, Kent Ross Lane HRHS-EV-10
2010/113 Pretoria Road, Canterbury Crippin Jarman 6PRC-WB-10
2010/114 19 New Street, Canterbury Crippin Jarman Andrew Linklater NSC-WB-09
2010/115 38 St Dunstan’s Street, Canterbury Andrew Linklater 38SDSC-WB-10
2010/121 71 St Dunstan’s Street, Canterbury Andrew Linklater HOAC-WB-10
2010/128 St David’s Bridge, Cranbrook, Kent Andrew Linklater SDBC-WB-10
2010/129 St Martin’s Battery, St Martin’s Steps and other sites, Western Heights, Dover Keith Parfitt SMBD-WB-10
2010/130 Carlyon House, 33-36 Palace Street, The King’s School, Canterbury Richard Helm CHC-EX-10
2010/131 Thanington Slip Road, Canterbury, Kent Andrew Macintosh TSR-EV-10
2010/132 St Augustine’s Church, East Langdon, Kent Andrew Linklater SACEL-WB-10


Kent College, Pembury, Kent

Christopher Sparey-Green


2010/134 Mote Park House, Maidstone Laura O’Shea MPHM-EV-10
2010/135 Seamark, The Droveway, St Margaret’s at Cliffe Keith Parfitt SMSM-EV-10
2010/136 28 St Dunstans Street, Canterbury Adrian Gollop 28-SDSPL-WB-10
2010/138 2010/138Chaucer Hotel, 63 Ivy Lane, Canterbury Dale Robertson CHC-WB-10
2010/139 55 Wincheap, Canterbury Dale Robertson 55WRC-WB-10
2010/141 Ashford Road, New Romney, Kent Jake Weekes ARNR-DA-10

For enquiries relating to specific sites worked on by Canterbury Archaeological Trust please contact our Research Officer Jake Weekes.

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