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For enquiries relating to specific sites worked on by Canterbury Archaeological Trust please contact our Research Officer Jake Weekes.

Reports no. Title Author(s) Project Code
2006/5 St Mildred’s Tannery, Canterbury Blocks A-D Simon Pratt and Tracey Smith TAN 04-05
2006/19 Marlowe Arcade, Rose Lane Desk-based assessment Christopher Sparey-Green MAC-DA-06
2006/20 Newingate House, 16-17 Lower Bridge Street, Canterbury: An Archaeological and Historical Urban Landscape Study Christopher Sparey-Green NHC-DA-06
2006/25 Archaeological watching and recording brief within the garden of The King’s School, St. Augustine’s, Canterbury Richard Helm and Ian Anderson KSGC-WB-06
2006/29 Report on archaeological monitoring and investigations at the Marlowe Arcade, Canterbury Christopher Sparey-Green and Jon Rady MAC-WB-06
2006/37 An archaeological watching brief during the extension and alterations to the existing Village Hall at School Lane, Fordwich, Kent Laura O’Shea and Damien Boden FVHF-WB-06
2006/38 Archaeological work in mitigation of non-implementation of Planning Condition 3 at Wychwood, The Drove, Fordwich, Kent Damien Boden WWFC-EV-06
2006/39 Archaeological monitoring of ground to the rear of 2 St Alphege Lane, Canterbury Damien Boden SALC-WB-06
2006/40 An archaeological watching brief on geotechnical investigations at St Lawrence Cricket Ground, Old Dover Road, Canterbury Ben Found SLCC-WB-06
2006/41 Archaeological evaluation on land at The Grange, 42 Greenhill Road, Greenhill, Herne Bay Richard Helm GRGH-EV-06
2006/46 An archaeological evaluation of land adjacent to No. 1 Ryde Street, Canterbury, Kent Ben Found RSC-EV-06
2006/50 An archaeological and historical desk-based assessment of the St Lawrence Cricket Ground, Canterbury, Kent Ben Found SLCC-DA-06
2006/55 St Mildred’s Tannery Development, Canterbury, Blocks G-I:  initial report on pre-augered pile positions-mitigation Simon Pratt TAN-06-EV4
2006/56 St Lawrence Ground Canterbury Cricket Club, Bat and Ball car park Rebecca Newhook SLCC-EV-06
2006/57 An Archaeological Evaluation at Nos. 21A, 22 and 22A Palace Street, Canterbury James Holman PSC-EV
2006/58 Canterbury College, Canterbury Rebecca Newhook CCREX06CRWB06CCCWB05
2006/60 Darwin Field, Giles Lane, University of Kent at Canterbury Development of: lecture theatre, conference facilities, and services Grant Shand and Rebecca Newhook DFUKC-EV-06
2006/61 The Orchard School, Cambridge Road, Canterbury Crispin Jarman OSC-EV-06
2006/64 Development at the Canterbury Motor Company, 5 and 5a Rhodaus Town, Canterbury, Kent Damien Boden CMC-EV-06
2006/67 The Old Palace Yard, Palace St, Canterbury, Kent Laura O’Shea OPGPC-WB-06
2006/70 Augustine House, Rhodaus Town, Canterbury John Willson AHRTC-DA-06
2006/73 Augustine House (formerly Clarkson House), Canterbury Christ Church University, Rhodaus Town, Canterbury Richard Helm AHRTC-EV-06
2006/75 Broughton House, The King’s School, and Monastery Street, Canterbury Richard Helm BHKSC-DA-06
2006/77 Development at the Canterbury Motor Company, 5 and 5a Rhodaus Town, Canterbury, Kent Damien Boden CMC-WB-06
2006/78 Whitehall Road and Black Griffin Lane St Mildred’s Tannery Development Simon Pratt and Ian Dixon TAN-06-WB24
2006/80 Cooting Road, Aylesham, Nr. Dover, Kent Damien  Boden CRA-EV-06
2006/94 St. Lawrence Cricket Ground, Old Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent Rebecca Newhook and James Holman SLCC-EV-06
2006/100 Herne Bay Infants School, Stanley Road, Herne Bay, Kent John Willson HBISHB-WB-06
2006/105 Land to rear of 95-103 Sturry Road and at Parham Close/Riverdale House, Canterbury Damien Boden PCCP8-EV-06
2006/106 Church of St Gregory The Great, Ruttington Lane, Canterbury Peter Seary CGTG-DA-05
2006/111 Beverley Farm, University Road, University of Kent, Canterbury John Willson BFUKC-WB-06
2006/122 Nos 20A, 21 and 21A Palace Street, Canterbury Andrew Linklater PSC-WB06

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