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For enquiries relating to specific sites worked on by Canterbury Archaeological Trust please contact our Research Officer Jake Weekes.

Report no.
Title Author(s) Project Code
2005/1 Herb Farm, Broadoak Road, Canterbury, Kent Adrian Gollop    Jon Rady HFBRC EV 04
2005/2 Land Adjacent to 10-16 Wincheap, Canterbury Grant Shand WREX-02
2005/6 Brewer’s Delight, No. 33 Broad Street, Canterbury, Kent Crippen Jarman BDC-EV-05
2005/9 Land at Parham Road (west), Canterbury John Willson PRWC-DA-05
2005/12 An archaeological watching brief at Husk (UK) Depot, Lydden Hill, Denton Andrew Linklater HLHD-WB-05
2005/17 8 Palace Street, Canterbury Richard Helm 8PSC-EV-05
2005/28 New Grange House, The King’s School, Canterbury Richard Helm KSA-EX-04
2005/30 Hillborough Farm, Reculver, Herne Bay Richard Helm HFR-EV-05
2005/33 An archaeological evaluation at 6 High Street, Sturry Ben Found HSS-EV-05
2005/40 An archaeological excavation at St Peter’s Methodist School, St Peter’s Grove, Canterbury Ben Found SPMS-EX-05
2005/42 An Archaeological Watching Brief between Hampton Pier and Thornden Wood Road, Herne Bay Andrew Linklater KFWF-WB-05
2005/47 The Old Rectory, The Street Ickham Ben Found ORI-EV-05
2005/48 Barton Court Grammar School Andrew Linklater BCGSC-WB-05
2005/49 12 Station Road West, Canterbury Richard Helm SRWC-EV-05
2005/51 Canterbury College Redevelopment Redevelopment of College Campus Mick Diack CCR EV 05
2005/55 41 St. George’s Place, Canterbury John Willson SGPC-DA-05
2005/58 Barton Court Grammar School, Longport, Canterbury Abbey Guinness BCSLMC-W-05
2005/65 The Baptist Church, St. George’s Place Abbey Guinness BCGPC-WB-05
2005/66 6 Market Place & 10 Dorman Avenue South, Aylesham Abbey Guinness MPDAA-WB-05
2005/67 New Hockey Pitch at Polo Farm Sports Club, Littlebourne Road, Canterbury Abbey Guinness PFLC-WB-05
2005/68 Table Hall, Choir House, The Precincts, Canterbury Cathedral Ben Found THC-EV-05
2005/71 Whitstable Harbour to Faversham Creek Coastal Strategy Plan: Replacement of Groynes at Seasalter Christopher Sparey-Green WCS-DA-04
2005/79 Construction of additional library space at St Peter’s Methodist School, St Peter’s Grove, Canterbury Grant Shand SPMSC-WB-05

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