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For enquiries relating to specific sites worked on by Canterbury Archaeological Trust please contact our Research Officer Jake Weekes.

Report no. Title Author(s) Project Code
2007/1 10–11 Burgate Lane & 11–15 Canterbury Lane, Canterbury, Kent Damien Boden BLC EV 07
2007/2 Kemp’s Garage, Chillenden Richard Helm KGC-WB-05
2007/3 The Copse, Common Road, Ightham Damien Boden TCCRI EV 07
2007/4 Oaten Hill Post Office, Canterbury, Kent Damien Boden OHPO EV 07
2007/5 Sedeley’s Cof E Primary School, Church Street, Southfleet Andrew Linklater SPSCSS-WB-07
2007/7 1a Manwood Lodge, Hales Drive, Hackington, Canterbury, kent Jon Rady MLHDC EV 07
2007/8 4 New Street, Canterbury, Kent Jon Rady NSC EV 07
2007/10 Land to the rear of 95–103 Sturry Road, Canterbury, Kent Damien Boden PCCP8A-EV06 PCCP8A-EX 06
2007/12 Land at Higham Park, Bridge, Canterbury, Kent Ben Found  Peter Seary HPB-DA-07
2007/14 Land to south and south-east of Blackfriars, Blackfriars Street, Canterbury, kent Richard Helm BFKS-DA-07
2007/15 Watching Brief of two windowless, sleeved bore-hole samples taken from the rear of 35 Watling Street, Canterbury Damien Boden WSC 35 WB 07
2007/17 Preliminary results of a programme of archaeological investigation and assessment at 19 Wincheap, Canterbury Damien Boden CCW EV 07
2007/22 St Mary Northgate, Canterbury, Kent Simon Pratt SMN04EV
2007/25 Plot of land to the rear of the Canterbury Motor Company, Rhodaus Town, Canterbury James Holman CMC-WB-07
2007/27 1 Westgate Grove, Canterbury, Kent Ross Lane WGC(1)-EV-07
2007/30 St Edmund’s School (‘Alps’ Car Park),St Thomas Hill, Canterbury, Kent Adrian Gollop SESC EV 07
2007/32 Oaten Hill Post Office, Oaten Hill, Canterbury, Kent Damien Boden OHPO EV 07
2007/33 Land at St Edmund’s School St Thomas Hill, Canterbury, Kent James Holman SESC WB 07
2007/34 King Edward Court, King Edward Avenue, Herne Bay, Kent Adrian Gollop KECHB EV 07
2007/35 Watching brief and recording of three windowless, sleeved borehole samples taken from the rear of 35 Watling Street, Canterbury, Kent Damien Boden WSC 35 WB 07
2007/36 Hudson Road, Canterbury, Kent Adrian Gollop HRCHB EV 07
2007/43 Nos. 21A, 22 and 22A Palace Street, Canterbury, Kent James Holman PSC EX 06
2007/44 Barton Court Grammar School, Longport, Canterbury, Kent Laura O’Shea BCSLC-WB-06
2007/64 Canterbury Christ Church University Sports Studio Extension Laura O’Shea CCUSE-WB-07
2007/69 Land at Highland Court Farm, Bridge Christopher Sparey-Green HCFP-DA-07
2007/73 Spires Academy Site, Sturry Christopher Sparey-Green SISC-WB-07
2007/109 Kings School St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury Ross Lane KSSA-WB-07

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