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Thanet Earth

The Trust undertakes threat-led research on a daily basis through development funded work in response to UK planning policy which protects the nation’s historic environment. We also design and conduct research for community heritage projects, and are increasingly engaged in work driven by research questions alone (see research projects).

We have played a key role in the development of the South East Research Framework for the historic environment (SERF) since its inception 2007, and members of staff bring internationally recognised expertise to our work on a daily basis; we have specialists in Prehistory and the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval periods, and in-house experts in dealing with material culture and buildings, historic landscapes and environmental archaeology.

Our research outputs include our annual reports, academically refereed occasional papers, monographs and a range of other publications. Though many of our day to day projects generate unpublished reports, we are committed to making these findings available via our online gazetteer and reports pages.

For more information, please contact Jake Weekes.

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