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Sandwich - The 'completest medieval town in England' Sandwich – The ‘Completest Medieval Town in England’
A study of the town and port from its origins to 1600

Helen Clarke, Sarah Pearson, Mavis Mate and Keith Parfitt

To the casual visitor of today, Sandwich appears as simply a small inland market town on the bank of a modest river. But locals and historians have long known that in the Middle Ages it was a strategic and commercial seaport of great significance, trading with northern Europe and the Mediterranean and growing prosperous on this business.

This volume provides new theories on how, when and why the town came to take its present form. As well as providing a great amount of detail on the houses, churches and defences of medieval Sandwich, the authors apply the material evidence in order to draw out important social, economic and cultural facets in the evolution of the town.

The story of Sandwich is both particular and general and the method presented here could therefore, be equally applicable to studies of other medieval towns. Maps, plans and photographs, all in full colour, supplement the text and graphically underline many of the conclusions.

Hardback. 352pp
ISBN 9781842174005
Oxbow Books 2010


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