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Folkestone to 1500Folkestone to 1500
A Town Unearthed
Edited by Ian Coulson (2013)

This book is a record of the community history and archaeology project ‘A Town Unearthed: Folkestone before 1500’ which between 2010 and 2013 investigated the ancient history of Folkestone and its immediate area.

The project focused on making Folkestone’s past accessible to residents and visitors alike. Active participation in fieldwork, research, oral history and a wide range of educational and outreach activities over 3 years provided opportunities to learn about local heritage and its wider context and create a legacy of knowledge, materials and skills for the future. This book is part of that legacy. The authors provide, for the first time, a detailed and authoritative account of the early history of Folkestone from prehistory to the Reformation.

‘This book presents a compelling picture of that older, almost forgotten Folkestone. The town was recorded not only in the Domesday Book of 1086, but also in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for 991, when it was prosperous enough to attract the unwelcome attention of the Vikings. Archaeology can take us further back still, to the Roman villa on the East Cliff, now known to have been built on top of an earlier Iron Age dwelling. Indeed, as this book reveals, people (perhaps we should say folk) have been stopping, if not settling, in Folkestone for many millennia, as far back as the end of the last Ice Age.’

Mark Morris, Historian and Broadcaster

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ISBN: 9781870545273
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