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The Dover Bronze Age BoatThe Dover Bronze Age Boat
Edited by Peter Clark

The Dover Bronze Age boat, dated to c.1550 BC, is one of the most important and spectacular wooden objects ever found in Europe. This richly illustrated book, comprising specialist reports, tells the dramatic story of its discovery and excavation, and the pioneering work on its conservation, re-assembly and display in Dover Museum.

In addition to a detailed description of the boat itself, which was not a wreck but had been partially dismantled, the book explores the method of its construction, employing a woodworking tradition now long forgotten; its original form, capabilities and performance; and its function and place in Bronze Age society. It presents new and innovative techniques for the study of ancient timbers and describes an experiment in building a copy of the boat using replicas of Bronze Age tools.

English Heritage 2004, Paperback, 340 pages, many b/w illustrations

ISBN 1873592590
Price GB £80.00

This monograph is now available as a free download from the Archaeological Data Service (ADS) [LINK]

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