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The Dover Bronze Age Boat in ContextThe Dover Bronze Age Boat in Context
Society and water transport in prehistoric Europe

Edited by Peter Clark

The discovery by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust of the Bronze Age boat in Dover in 1992 was one of the most important British archaeological finds of the later twentieth century. The complex, perfectly preserved sewn-plank boat, dating from the second millennium BC, was not only a remarkable find in its own right but it also alluded to a highly sophisticated society that made and used the boat more than three and a half millennia ago.

This monograph presents papers from a conference held in Dover in 2002 which brought together scholars from all over Europe to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the discovery. In it the authors build a picture of what life was like at the time that the Dover boat set sail, from its marine environment and seaworthiness, boat-building techniques and materials, to the possible social and religious perceptions of boats and sea voyages more generally. They explore the implications of the discovery for Bronze Age society, water transport and cultural contact in a European context, from the shores of Britain, through northern and central Europe, to the eastern Mediterranean and beyond.

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