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Vol II St Gregory’s Priory, Northgate, Canterbury Excavations 1988–1991New Series Vol II St Gregory’s Priory, Northgate, Canterbury Excavations 1988–1991
Martin Hicks and Alison Hicks (2001)

Between 1988 and 1991 the extensive remains of two ecclesiastical establishments were excavated at the site of St Gregory’s Priory in Northgate, Canterbury. The first is traditionally recorded as being founded in A.D. 1084 by Archbishop Lanfranc, as a sister establishment to St John’s Hospital on the opposite side of the Northgate road. After a fire in 1145 the priory was rebuilt on a grander scale, probably under the patronage of Archbishop Theobald (1139–61). The excavations uncovered substantial parts of both Lanfranc’s foundation and Theobald’s priory.

The report uses the archaeological data and documentary evidence to detail the development history of the ecclesiastical establishments. Later chapters examine the range of artefactual material recovered from the site including the important collections of architectural fragments and floor tiles, which together with the window glass, wall plaster and other structural artefacts provide evidence of the internal and external decorations. The pottery and domestic objects suggest how the priory inhabitants may have lived and interacted with medieval society around them. Study of the animal bones, environmental remains and human skeletal material has provided an insight into the diet, prosperity and economy of the inhabitants. A final chapter uses documentary evidence to describe the history of the priory up to its dissolution in 1537.

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