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Vol I Canterbury Cathedral Nave: Archaeology, History and ArchitectureNew Series Vol I Canterbury Cathedral Nave: Archaeology, History and Architecture
Kevin Blockley, Margaret Sparks and Tim Tatton-Brown (1997)

In the spring of 1993 the relaying of the nave floor of Canterbury Cathedral allowed for an excavation by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust which revealed the foundations of the Anglo-Saxon churches. A few fragments remain of a seventh-century Kentish church like those formerly at St Augustine’s Abbey and Reculver. This was extended in the ninth century to provide a church with a long nave and aisles. The design of its east end was not established by excavation, as this lies under the existing crypt, but it is known to have been apsidal. To this church was added a large western apse with hexagonal stair towers in the early eleventh century. Thus the Anglo-Saxon cathedral at its fullest extent has been described as ‘one of the major early medieval churches of northern Europe’.

The excavation report by Kevin Blockley is published with figures, photographs and plans, plus two reconstruction drawings by Ivan Lapper, of the Anglo-Saxon cathedral and that of Lanfranc, finished in 1077, the foundations of which were also discovered. There are the normal specialist short reports. In addition there are two essays on the nave. Tim Tatton-Brown writes about the rebuilding of the Lanfranc nave between 1377–1405, and the later fifteenth-century rebuilding of the western transepts and crossing tower. His essay is based on many years’ study of the architecture and documents. Margaret Sparks’ essay is in two parts – the liturgical use of the nave 1077–1540 and the fittings, repair and use of the nave 1541–1993. Evidence has been assembled from chronicles, inventories, antiquarians’ descriptions, Dean and Chapter documents and prints and drawings.

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