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Canterbury's Archaeology 1995–1996Canterbury’s Archaeology 1995–1996


Fieldwork: Canterbury City Sites [PDF 2378KB]
1. Christ Church College
2. 12 The Precincts
3. Whitefriars and Watling Street car park
4. St Augustine’s Abbey
5. 87–88A Broad Street
6. 24 High Street
7. 18 Stour Street
8. St John’s Hospital
9. Cogan House, 53 St Peter’s Street
10. Greyfriars Bridge
11. 24A Old Dover Road
12. North Lane
13. HM Prison, Longport
14. Lower Chantry Lane car park
15. 12 Pound Lane
16. Worthgate
17. Safeways, Wincheap

Fieldwork: Canterbury District Sites [PDF 333KB]
18. Thanet Way

Fieldwork: Kent Sites [PDF 1658KB]
19. Whitfield-Eastry by-pass
20. The Grand Shaft, Dover
21. 137 Snargate Street, Dover
22. Unitarian Church, York Street, Dover
23. St Martin-le-Grand Church, Dover
24. Dover water pipeline (Stage 1)
25. Townwall Street, Dover
26. Buckland valley, Dover
27. The Royal Military Canal, Kenardington
28. West Hythe Road, West Hythe
29. Dymchurch County Primary School
30. New Romney gas pipeline
31. Kingsnorth Manor, Park Farm, Ashford
32. St Mary’s Church, Leigh
33. Castle Wall, Rochester
34. Rochester Cathedral Crypt
35. Haywards’s House, Rochester
36. Northgate, Rochester
37. Pepper Hill, near Springhead

Building Recording [PDF 1147KB]
A. Littlebourne Barn
B. Cross Keys, Oaten Hill, Canterbury
C. 44 High Street, Canterbury
D. Broome Park stable block, Barham
E. Chapel Lane Farm, Chapel Lane, Bearsted
F. Blue Barn, Seymour Road, Rainham
G. Petts Farm, Burham

Post Excavation and Research [PDF 2087KB]
Lithic studies in East Kent
Ceramics from Whitfield-Eastry by-pass Site 2
Pottery from a Romano-British cremation cemetery in the Sturry Road, Canterbury
Roman brick and tile
Ports, pots and packed lunches?
The Mount Pleasant Anglo-Saxon cemetery
Warp factors: weaving implement studies
Human Bone Studies: Whitfield-Eastry by-pass; North Lane, Canterbury; Ulcombe; Lower Hope Point, Cliffe; Monkton; St Gregory’s Priory; St Ggegory’s Cemetery
Palaeoenvironmental Studies: Monkton; Whitfield-Eastry by-pass Site 2; St Gregory’s Priory
Documentary Research: The wreck of the SS Castor; Broome Park, Barham; The papers of the late Dr Frank Jenkins

Education [PDF 369KB]

Excavations Abroad [PDF 634KB]
Quattro Macine: a deserted medieval village in southern Italy
Castelporziano, Italy
The London Bahrain Archaeological Expedition
Euesperides, Libya
Excavations in Beirut, Lebanon

Bibliography [PDF 175KB]


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