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Canterbury's Archaeology 1990–1991Canterbury’s Archaeology 1990–1991


Fieldwork [PDF 3923]
I Desk and Fieldwalking Assessments
1. The western part of the valley of the Sarre Penn
II Evaluations
2. 26A Hawks Lane, Canterbury
3. Starr Place, St Dunstan’s, Canterbury
4. Rear of the House of Agnes, St Dunstan’s, Canterbury
5. Station Road East (Palmers), Canterbury
6. Christ Church College, Canterbury
7. The Woolstore, Pound Lane, Canterbury
8. St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks
9. Extension of the A20: Folkestone to Dover
III Excavations
10. Longmarket, Canterbury
11. St John’s Hospital, North Reredorter, Canterbury
12. St Nicholas Church, Thanington
13. Church of St George-the-Martyr, Canterbury
14. Wingham coin hoard
15. Bench Street, Dover
16. Paleo-environmental investigations in Dover
IV Watching Recording Briefs

Building Recording [PDF 972KB]
A. 3 The Parade, Canterbury
B. 28 Palace Street, Canterbury
C. The Bull Inn, Canterbury
D. St Dunstan’s House, St Dunstan’s Street, Canterbury
E. St John’s Hospital Reredorter, Canterbury
F. Cooling Castle

Post Excavation [PDF 1564KB]
1. A Re-appraisal of prehistoric pottery from Canterbury
2. A chance find of céramique à l’éponge at Stodmarsh
3. The medieval pottery and the industry at Tyler Hill
4. Human bone studies

Education [PDF 471 KB]

Endnotes [PDF 33KB]

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